Dice Roll

Check out our most popular odds-based contest. As casinos have known for decades, people love to roll dice for a big payout!

Simple to set up, great advertising for your company or charity, affordable, and most of all fun to play! Originally designed as a Vehicle Dealership Promotion, due to demand we have expanded it to include charity functions, conventions, and almost any other event!

  1. Prize Indemnity supplies standard size Dice that have a letter of the alphabet, an exclamation number, or a Number printed on one side.
  2. You choose a word to spell four or more letters long. The word could represent your company, charity or any product. Or it could simply be the word WINNER. The possibilities are endless!
  3. At your event, you set up a Dice Roll Table, and the Participants try their luck at rolling the dice so the letters land Face up, spelling the word. - They don't even have to land in the correct order, just facing upwards!
  4. When the Dice land with the letters face up, the lucky participant rolls home with the big prize!


Download Odds Based Contest Application