About Us

Prize Indemnity Underwriters Inc. is a Canadian Family owned business, started by Marlene McNichol in 1993. We have been in business selling Prize Indemnity Insurance for 23 years. Over the years, kind support from Insurance Brokers, and Insurers alike have allowed us to flourish, and become recognized and trusted throughout Canada. We have worked diligently to become, we believe, the best Provider of Contingency Insurance in Canada. Alliances with the best Insurers in the business have helped us achieve that goal.

Prize Indemnity is now owned and operated by Marlene’s son Corey and husband Gary, and together with a team of experts continue to provide excellence, drawing upon a combined total of almost 65 years in the Insurance Business. We provide only Contingency Insurance, and thus are able to focus solely on our core understanding of Prize Indemnity and other Contingency -Type Risks. We Insure Contests, Events, and Promotions throughout Canada.

Over the years we have faced many changes in the Insurance Industry, and remained strong. Perhaps the greatest challenge was gaining exposure for our products, and for that reason we have developed this Website to share the awesome products we have developed to make your Contests, Events, and Promotions exciting and successful. In fact, Gary is fond of calling our type of business “Funsurance”, which describes exactly what we sell.

I would be remiss if I didn’t personally thank all of our Employees, Insurers, and especially the hundreds of Insurance Brokers and their Clients throughout Canada for continuing support and Loyalty, as we continue to provide excellence with our Prize Indemnity Program.

Please have a look at our new Website and tell us what you think!

Thanks Again!

Kindest Regards,

Corey McNichol

Prize Indemnity Underwriters Inc.
204 Division Street, Suite 250
Cobourg, Ontario
K9A 3P7

Phone: 888-264-9352
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