Basketball Insurance

A fast paced and exiting game, basketball is gaining popularity with literally leaps and bounds. With the ever increasing and well deserved media coverage, and the emergence of Canadian players as some of the best in the world, the sport has tons of new, loyal followers.

Create some home-town excitement by offering a basketball contest at your local court. Or add to the excitement of a Professional Game. Have a fan at the game come down from the stands, and show how it's done with one of our Contests. And the best part? You have the ability to offer fantastic prizes paid for by us. Get all the fans and players alike clapping and cheering, as they watch the Contestant bounce away with a great Prize or best of all Cold, Hard cash !

We are pleased to offer the following contests:

  1. Half-Court Basketball shot
  2. 3/4 court Basketball shot
  3. Two out of three from 1/2 court
  4. Pick your Spot - Contestant picks any spot on the court, must make a shot from that spot into one of the baskets, but also must make a shot into the opposite basket from the same spot
  5. "Single shot Progressive" Contestant must make each shot in a consecutive single attempt
    • Lay-Up
    • Free Throw
    • 3 Point Shot
    • Half-Court Shot
  6. "24 Second Clock Progressive" - Contestant must make each of the following shots on a 24 second clock
    • Lay-Up : As many shots as time allows
    • Free Throw: As many shots as time allows
    • 3 Point shot: As many shots as time allows
    • Half-Court shot: Single shot regardless of time left
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