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  • You can Insure up to 5 holes and always get a bonus hole for free.
  • Only par 3 holes are insurable.
  • Minimum hole yardage is 125 yards for amateurs and 175 yards for pros.
  • Bonus Hole must be at least 150 yards for amateurs and 175 yards for pros.
  • "Pros" includes both club and touring professionals.
  • The website maximum prize limit is $50,000. For prizes over $50,000 up to $1,000,000 please contact Prize Indemnity.
  • Ladies can shoot from the designated Ladies tee to a minimum of 125 Yards.
  • Discounts are available and are included automatically for distances greater than 180 yards, multiple holes insured, and fewer than 100 golfers.
  • There is an automatic 100% prize restoration included, so there can be two winners on your insured hole. The re-instatement is automatic, and it is Free!
  • For Insurance Brokers, 15% broker commission is included in the premium.

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  • Only Par 3 holes are insurable.
  • Maximum of 50 amateur golfers only, and no club or touring professionals.
  • Minimum hole yardage is 150 Yards.
  • For Insurance Brokers, 15% Broker Commission is included in the premium.
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